Designing the service for the UK’s leading youth volunteering charity

I spent five years designing the online volunteering service for vInspired. The service is used by 5,000 charity partners and a quarter of a million young people, and since 2006 has delivered more than a million volunteering opportunities for 14-25 year olds across England.

Some of vInspired's volunteering opportunities

Some of vInspired's volunteering opportunities

Key achievements

  • My work on the vInspired platform has enabled 250,000 young people to volunteer for over 1 million volunteering opportunities with 5,000 VCSE organisations.

  • Improved sign up completion rates by a staggering 36% when young people are applying for volunteer opportunities.

  • Young people can now access all their information from a single profile (frustratingly never previously the case) with a single login which integrates six databases. There’s also more emphasis on keeping young people safe while they’re on the site, but also on them having fun and being able to communicate with each other

My involvement

  • I spent five years working with senior stakeholders, developing the research, design and delivery strategy using a "build-measure-learn" approach.

  • I pulled together and managed an Agile delivery and service design team using a collaborative, dynamic planning process – prioritising the work against capacity and capability of multi-disciplinary teams.

  • I personally ran co-­creation workshops with over 100 young people and facilated over 25 hours of user testing sessions. 

  • I implemented a measurement strategy based on the Theory of Change to identify what pre­conditions need to be in place to help young volunteers achieve their goals.

Last year, we helped 31,439 young people do 460,611 hours of voluntary work. That’s a £2.3 million contribution to the economy.

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