I've started a number of other projects outside my core work.

Park Hill studio space

In 2016 I undertook a project to convert three floors in a 1950's concrete Brutalist building into a custom studio space that would support collaborative and Agile working for a digital agency. 


Teaching prisoners how to code

In 2019 I partnered with Code4000 to set up an employment hub in Sheffield to employ and train five ex-offenders as software developers. My role was managing and mentoring ex-offenders and prisoners currently working at Yoomee whilst released on a temporary license (ROTL).



In 2016 I organised and recruited volunteers for a series of hack days to develop a digital product to help local refugee organisations. Now in use by 20 organisations across the city, 3,000 people are benefitting, including 900 destitute asylum seekers who have been refused assylum.


Artificial Intelligence for social good

In 2017 I followed a series of online courses from MIT and Stanford on Machine Learning. This led me to design and develop an AI-powered chatbot for mental health support in Sheffield.