I've spent the last 12 years helping non-profit organisations apply Silicon Valley start-up approaches to develop new digital services for vulnerable groups. Here's some of my highlights.

A mission to help non-profits behave like tech startups

In 2006 I founded and ran specialist Agile agency Yoomee. Since then I've helped deliver over 70 digital innovation projects for charities and non-profits making new services for vulnerable people.


Designing the service for the UK’s leading youth volunteering charity

I spent five years designing the online volunteering service for vInspired. The service is used by 5,000 charity partners and a quarter of a million young people, and since 2006 has delivered more than a million volunteering opportunities for 14-25 year olds across England.


Creating a safe online space to listen, share and be heard

I took Elefriends from concept to full-scale service, making it the UK's most successful online peer support service, supporting over 80,000 vulnerable people.


Helping community groups make the most of their resources

I was responsible for developing the design and delivery strategy behind Comoodle, a new model of service delivery for Kirklees Council, with the emphasis on sharing what's already available within the community. Over 2,600 sharable resources are now managed on the platform and available to communities in Kirklees


Accessible mental health information for a city

I led on strategy, co-design and user-centred design helping to combine knowledge, resources and material from across the city: the NHS, Leeds City Council and voluntary organisations.